Relief Distribution and Open Kitchen during the Covid-19 pandemic by Women’s Foundation

The extension of lockdown as a measure to slowdown the spread of the disease has been rising a problem to the people in need. In this regards, the Women’s Foundation started to distribute relief package of 25 kg rice, pulse, salt, oil and vegetables to 3217 families’ house to house and door to door up to now who are affected by the lockdown.

Renu Sharma, President of Women’s Foundation said, “The focus of the relief distribution were women, children and pregnant women. However, we have seen many elderly, sick, poor and differently able people in the communities in need and we have focused our relief distribution to them too. Additionally, we have launched an Open Kitchen Model to eliminate duplicity and to help those who even do not have cooking fuels ensuring social distance and hygiene”

The Women’s Foundation is doing our best to feed the hungry coordinating with the locals and distributing the cooked food for 500 people per day where the hungry people can be ascertained with effective distribution via Open Kitchen Model. The Women’s Foundation feel proud that we are always at the forefront of charitable initiatives in such a crisis/disasters. And it is all possible with the support bighearted donors, friends and family of the Women’s Foundation.

Also, people and NGOs are making a great effort to help the poor people in need and it should be increased at every macro-level at the communities. We thank you all our donors, friends, staffs and local people for supporting our program to make it more effective to reach people in need in such difficult time.

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Ongoing Relief Distribution Program

As the covid19 crisis is continuing to affect the world, we are striving to provide relief to those affected .Our thoughts also go out to anyone struggling indirectly from the effects of the virus. We know that this is affecting not just our health, but our daily routines.Daily earning laborers are mostly affected by the lock down. For us, all of these concerns are important and worthy of our attention.

As the lockdown continues to push the most underprivileged into despair WFN has distributed much needed essential daily food supplies to the people in need through our relief work. On 23rd and 24th April, we distributed 327 families with the essential food supplies and which also includes vegetables. WFN has supported for about 1950 families during this time of crisis. The relief distribution program is still ongoing.

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Relief Distribution Program

WFN Provides emergency relief  for women in need during lock down.

Nepal COVID-19 lock down means no food for the poor . Lockdown as a safety precautions from COVID-19 as a Government directions has been very helpful to stop the numbers of infections of Corona virus. Although most people in the cities are staying home, there is growing worry about a prolonged shutdown leading to food shortages, economic hardship. The global nature of this pandemic has hit Nepal’s economy hard.There is also increasing number of the urban poor who depend on daily wages for the food.

WFN provided women and their families with free rations of rice, dal, sunflower oil and beans to help get them through these challenging times, when local lockdowns make it impossible for them to earn a living.We distributed for about 150 families with the essential food supplies. Most of them were women especially pregnant, physically disable .
“We continue to assess the situation and will give continued support as needed. The Women’s Foundation is committed in providing supplies to all the women in needs during crisis ” said Renuka Sharma, the President of the Women’s Foundation.

The Women’s Foundation is committed to be ready to support any emergency and work with every relief organization on the front line.

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The teenagers from the WFN Home had a great time out with the working interntional volunteers for a climbing trip at Thamel,Kathmandu. After safety introduction and warm up games, the teenagers climbed the 15m high wall at the game spot Astrek Climbing Center. Everybody was really brave and happy and they learned how to belay each other. Everyone did a good job taking the big responsibility. The day was full of excitement, thrill and new experience.

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Honored by Ramesh Vikal Literary Foundation

Renu sharma, President of The Women’s Foundation of Nepal has been honored by the Ramesh Vikal Literary Foundation. She was provided with the “Ramesh Bikas Sushil Sangrashasil Narisewa Puraskar 2076” award by the Chief Guest of the program, Satyamohan Joshi on 21st of December. The award was conferred in her recognition of her outstanding contribution in the social sector.

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Sewing Trainning

The sewing training was provided from 25th of November, 2019 to 24th of March, 2020. The women were actively participated in sewing training. The main aim is to provide women with the skillful training of sewing.

We would like to thank Jacques and Pile et Face family for all their support. We have been able to provide women with this training program which would not have been possible without their generous support.


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Protest Seeking Justice

Sunsari District Court remanded a so called saint Krishna Das Giri known as ‘Siddhababa’ in judicial custody for four days for investigation on the charge of raping a female follower.

Many evidences were found as there was a sound record; even he used to call her female followers at Ashram where he used to abuse physically and mentally etc. In this regards, WFN Sunsari District Office has been continuously protesting to give justice to a victim and legal penalty to the culprit so called saint. WFN has submitted the request letter for the justice to the President, Prime Minister and other related agencies. Also, WFN Sunsari has been continuously arranging meetings, rallies, protests seeking for the justice to the victim .

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“CHILD RIGHT OUR CONCERN” Program organized by WFN

On 25th January, WFN had immense pleasure in organizing “CHILD RIGHTS OUR CONCERNS” innovative and inspiring programs with meaningful child participation, protection, promotion and overall development of a child.

We are immensely thankful to Honorable chief guest Mr. Rameshwor Phuyal, Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Development Bagmati province, special guest Mr. Krishna Hari Thapa Mayor of kageshwor Monohara Municipality, Ms.Bindu Pudasaini, Deputy Mayor of Kageshwori Monahara Municipality. The program has many guests as deputy Mayors from Kathmandu along with Human Right Activists, Women and Children Activists and Media Personalities.

In the same program, respected mayor and deputy mayor from kageshwori monohara municipality handover reusable sanitary pad and iron tablets for the girls of WF Home.

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Training to make reusable sanitary pads

In Nepal, it is still considered taboo to talk about menstrual cycle. Hence evil-customs like chhaupadi (menstrual- exile) is still prevalent. Normally young teenage girls and women do not open about the problems faced by them to manage their menstruation. They are not able to get menstrual products and most school girls do not go to schools during their periods or dropout after they start their first period. Due to lack of hygienic menstrual products, women suffer from infections, rashes or also risk of cervical cancer. Mostly teenagers and women cannot afford commercial sanitary pads.

The Women’s Foundation of Nepal in co-ordination with “NAHUDA” a non-governmental organization has given training to the women of the WF home and others from sewing training group to make reusable sanitary pads. These types of reusable sanitary pads can be made from locally available products without use of any harmful chemicals. They are comfortable, durable, and absorbent and have lower risks of infection. They are affordable and eco-friendly too!

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Free Eye Camp and Cataract Surgery

The Women’s Foundation Nepal  organized Free Eye Camp and Cataract Surgery. The camp was conducted in the rural communities of the Sindupalchowk district and also in the Kathmandu district on 22, 23 and 24 Decembet, 2019. Around 750 people were benefited from the eye camp. Most of them were senior citizen .Out of them 71 were found to be patients of cataract and operation was done successfully.

After the screening, the patients who needed treatment and cataract surgeries, were followed up. Other people were given free medicines and glasses after treatment. We are immensely thankful for all who were directly and indirectly involved for making the camp successful.

Organizer: The Women’s Foundation of Nepal
Technical Support: Nepal Netra Joyti Sangh
Supported by: GLS Future Foundation for Development, Germany
Vision for Future, Germany

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