SEE Results for 2081

We congratulate all the students who successfully passed their Secondary Education Examination (SEE). We are very proud of your achievements and wish you continued success in your future endeavors.


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Siddha Shakti Yog Dham 🕉️

A non-profit organization committed to serving the community | Discover the profound impact of yoga and meditation in our Aashram, where ancient wisdom meets modern guidance. Join us on the journey to self-discovery🧘‍♂️

Learn more about Siddha Shakti Yog Dham here:



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Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification

We’re thrilled to announce that Samajik Sip Bikash Udhyog (SSBU) has attained the esteemed Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical textile production.
GOTS stands as one of the industry’s most stringent and comprehensive standards, meticulously evaluating both the environmental and social dimensions of our textile manufacturing processes, assuring that our products meet the utmost ethical, environmental, and quality benchmarks.
Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our invaluable donor agency for unwavering support from the GLS Future Foundation, both financially and technically, in this remarkable journey. Our sincere gratitude also goes to our Natural color trainers, Mr. Martin Drukenmueller and Mr. Dieter Kaiser, for their expertise and guidance. Additionally, we would like to express our thanks to Ms. Anna Maria Wittmann for her invaluable assistance in coordinating and facilitating all the activities necessary for achieving the GOTS certification.


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First Aid training to Staff/ Workers

The Women’s Foundation Nepal recently organized a highly informative and practical First Aid extension Training session for Samajik Sip Bikash Udhyog and our dedicated WFN staff. We were honored to have Dr. Bipin Nepal, a respected expert in the field, as our esteemed trainer for this event. During the training, participants were provided with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on demonstrations of various life-saving techniques. From top to bottom, every aspect of first aid was covered, ensuring everyone felt equipped to handle emergencies confidently.
The training encompassed essential topics such as CPR, choking, bleeding, poisoning, fractures, allergic reactions, and burns. The training was an overwhelming success! Our dedicated staff members enthusiastically absorbed the valuable information and skills shared during the session.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Bipin Nepal for his invaluable expertise and guidance throughout the training.




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Cataract Surgery performed at Kritipur Eye Hospital!

The Women’s Foundation recently conducted a successful free eye camp in Kathmandu and Kavre district, serving over 1204 individuals with vital eye care services, treatment, and eyeglasses. The camp aimed to provide eye care services to poor people, old age individuals, and those with cataract problems.
In addition to this, the Nepal Netra Jyoti Shang, Kritipur eye hospital performed cataract surgery on 40 individuals over three days. Thirteen individuals received surgery on the first day, followed by 16 on the second day, and 11 on the third day. The remaining 22 individuals with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions will have individual surgery when their health condition improves.
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Free Eye Camp 2023 by WFN in Kavre District!

The Women’s Foundation conducted a successful free eye camp in the Kavre district for 2 days, serving over 624 individuals with vital eye care services, treatment, and eyeglasses to those in need. Especially for poor people living in rural areas who may not have access to such services. Cataract problems are common among older individuals so they were also included in the target group for the eye camp.
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First aid training

A safe workplace breeds better productivity and avoids preventable losses of manpower. As said, WFN provided all the staff and employees with first aid training to learn to be more conscious of safety in the workplace leading to a reduced number of accidents and injuries. The first aid training includes preventing injury from getting worse, aiding recovery, relieving pain, protecting the unconscious, use of medicine, etc.

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