Domestic violence

Arranged marriage at the age of 15 years old
Two children

“My husband was very violent. He yelled at me and beat me. He did not help me in the house and forced me to work very hard, even when I was exhausted. Once, I was bringing water to our house and boiling it outside the house. He was sitting in his bed and smoking a cigarette. The fire went out and he told me to bring a lighter quickly. As I was just handling the boiling water, I was not fast enough for him. He came over and got so mad at me that he poured the boiling water on me. I cried very loudly and fainted. When I woke up, I was in a hospital. My neighbours brought me to the hospital and called in The Women’s Foundation Nepal. WFN helped me while I was in the hospital and paid my hospital bills. They informed the police about the case and my husband was kept in custody for one month. After leaving the hospital, WFN taught me how to grow vegetables, which I now sell at the market. My husband left us. Now I am independent – legally, emotionally and financially. My children grow up in a safe and happy environment.”

*names changed

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With 78% of all violence cases, domestic violence is the greatest cause of injury to women in Nepal. It happens in all kinds of families, in 2018 (2075/2076) the police counted 14.774 cases were women suffered from domestic violence (Nepal Police).