Provide a scholarship for a child from a poor family

Many families in Nepal are very poor and unable to pay for their children’s school fees. As discussed in the child labour topic, this can result in children having to work from a very young age and miss out on the childhood they deserve. The Women’s Foundation Nepal works with many impoverished families, providing funds for the children’s school fees.

By providing children with an education, they are able to enjoy their childhood, reach their educational goals and ultimately get a good job and support their families. This in turn will allow them to pay for their children’s school fees and change the cycle of poverty.

You can help the families of Nepal by providing a scholarship for a child. A scholarship includes tuition fees, uniforms and school supplies.

We will send you regular updates about how your child is progressing through school.

The Women’s Foundation Nepal supports many families who are in urgent need of financial help. If you wish to provide a scholarship for a child, please contact us. We will provide you with background information on the family and child you will sponsor.

Thank you for helping one family to change their future!

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