Honored by Ramesh Vikal Literary Foundation

Renu sharma, President of The Women’s Foundation of Nepal has been honored by the Ramesh Vikal Literary Foundation. She was provided with the “Ramesh Bikas Sushil Sangrashasil Narisewa Puraskar 2076” award by the Chief Guest of the program, Satyamohan Joshi on 21st of December. The award was conferred in her recognition of her outstanding contribution in the social sector.

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Sewing Trainning

The sewing training was provided from 25th of November, 2019 to 24th of March, 2020. The women were actively participated in sewing training. The main aim is to provide women with the skillful training of sewing.

We would like to thank Jacques and Pile et Face family for all their support. We have been able to provide women with this training program which would not have been possible without their generous support.


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Protest Seeking Justice

Sunsari District Court remanded a so called saint Krishna Das Giri known as ‘Siddhababa’ in judicial custody for four days for investigation on the charge of raping a female follower.

Many evidences were found as there was a sound record; even he used to call her female followers at Ashram where he used to abuse physically and mentally etc. In this regards, WFN Sunsari District Office has been continuously protesting to give justice to a victim and legal penalty to the culprit so called saint. WFN has submitted the request letter for the justice to the President, Prime Minister and other related agencies. Also, WFN Sunsari has been continuously arranging meetings, rallies, protests seeking for the justice to the victim .

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“CHILD RIGHT OUR CONCERN” Program organized by WFN

On 25th January, WFN had immense pleasure in organizing “CHILD RIGHTS OUR CONCERNS” innovative and inspiring programs with meaningful child participation, protection, promotion and overall development of a child.

We are immensely thankful to Honorable chief guest Mr. Rameshwor Phuyal, Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Development Bagmati province, special guest Mr. Krishna Hari Thapa Mayor of kageshwor Monohara Municipality, Ms.Bindu Pudasaini, Deputy Mayor of Kageshwori Monahara Municipality. The program has many guests as deputy Mayors from Kathmandu along with Human Right Activists, Women and Children Activists and Media Personalities.

In the same program, respected mayor and deputy mayor from kageshwori monohara municipality handover reusable sanitary pad and iron tablets for the girls of WF Home.

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Training to make reusable sanitary pads

In Nepal, it is still considered taboo to talk about menstrual cycle. Hence evil-customs like chhaupadi (menstrual- exile) is still prevalent. Normally young teenage girls and women do not open about the problems faced by them to manage their menstruation. They are not able to get menstrual products and most school girls do not go to schools during their periods or dropout after they start their first period. Due to lack of hygienic menstrual products, women suffer from infections, rashes or also risk of cervical cancer. Mostly teenagers and women cannot afford commercial sanitary pads.

The Women’s Foundation of Nepal in co-ordination with “NAHUDA” a non-governmental organization has given training to the women of the WF home and others from sewing training group to make reusable sanitary pads. These types of reusable sanitary pads can be made from locally available products without use of any harmful chemicals. They are comfortable, durable, and absorbent and have lower risks of infection. They are affordable and eco-friendly too!

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Free Eye Camp and Cataract Surgery

The Women’s Foundation Nepal  organized Free Eye Camp and Cataract Surgery. The camp was conducted in the rural communities of the Sindupalchowk district and also in the Kathmandu district on 22, 23 and 24 Decembet, 2019. Around 750 people were benefited from the eye camp. Most of them were senior citizen .Out of them 71 were found to be patients of cataract and operation was done successfully.

After the screening, the patients who needed treatment and cataract surgeries, were followed up. Other people were given free medicines and glasses after treatment. We are immensely thankful for all who were directly and indirectly involved for making the camp successful.

Organizer: The Women’s Foundation of Nepal
Technical Support: Nepal Netra Joyti Sangh
Supported by: GLS Future Foundation for Development, Germany
Vision for Future, Germany

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Health and Hygiene

Girls from the WF home gave a presentation on health and hygiene to the younger children. The presentation included healthy rules and practices that should be followed for healthy living.

Thank you Marc Bohme, volunteer for the successful program, and all the children for their active participation.



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Knitting Training

Suzy Trartsaret , volunteer of WFN organized knitting classes for the colleagues at the production center, the day care center and members of the WFN. The classes were always very well attended and everybody had a lot of fun knitting beautiful ponchos, hats, socks and scarves. The training session of knitting has been completed for this year.

Thank you very much Suzy for your continuous support!

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World Conference of Women’s Shelter

From 5th to 8th of November the 4th World Conference of Women’s Shelters is taking place in Taiwan. It is the biggest global conference to network and share ideas on protection services and prevention of violence against women. It is organized by the Global Network of Women’s Shelters and the Taiwanese health ministry. About 1000 members from 120 different nations and governmental and non-governmental organizations are taking part. Renu Sharma, president of the Women’s Foundation Nepal, is participating as a Nepalese representative.
Violence against women and girls around the world has to stop and protecting victims is an ongoing issue which the shelter networks are working on. Implementing working structures can be difficult in some countries and the shelter network is therefore raising awareness about the necessity of safe shelters for the rising numbers of victims of violence and abuse.
According to a worldwide statistic on violence against women, every third woman in the world becomes a victim of violence or sexual abuse during their life. 35 % of women suffer from physical or sexual violence from their husband or close friends. In Nepal, numbers of domestic violence against women are even increasing.
The main goal of the World Conference of Women’s Shelters is to strengthen the role of women shelters to combat violence against women. Furthermore the aims are to increase the activity and influence of national and international shelter networks and to raise awareness among governments, international organizations and the general public about the problems of violence against women and to stimulate actions to support shelters.

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The Women’s Foundation: The rain-triggered disasters have caused havoc across the country killing at least 65 persons (24 women and 41 male), 30 gone missing (12 Female & 18 male) and 38 are injured due to floods and landslides triggered by the continual rain for the past few days in eastern and central parts of the country and 1446 persons are rescued.

The details updated data upto 7 am, 15th July 2019 revealed by the Home Ministry of Nepal Government as:


·         8 Death (3 Female & 5 Male)

·         5 injured (1 Female & 4 Male)

·         2 Missing (1 Female & 1 Male)

·         347 Rescued                                                               

Province 1

·         20 Death (7 Female & 13 Male)

·         16 injured (8 Female & 8 Male)

·         8 Missing (3 Female & 5 Male)

·         12 Rescued                                                               

Province 2

·         18 Death (2 Female & 16 Male)

·         5 injured (3 Female & 2 Male)

·         5 Missing (1 Female & 4 Male)

·         827 Rescued                                                               

Province 3

·         15 Death (11 Female & 4 Male)

·         12 injured (5 Female & 7 Male)

·         5 Missing (1 Female & 4 Male)

·         258 Rescued                                                               

Province 5

·         2 Death (0 Female & 2 Male)

·         1 Missing (0 Female & 1 Male)

Province 6

·         2 Death (1 Female & 1 Male)

·         1 Missing (0 Female & 1 Male)

·         2 Rescued                                                               


Concerned authorities, local people and volunteers had supported in rescuing the flood and landslide victims; and have put their efforts to rescue those missing. The affected areas has been disrupted in many ways as the electricity poles were swept away, houses are filled with water, livestock and crops are swept away and living under the fear.

80% land of the province 2 is submerged under water and millions of people are living under tarpaulin without food, drinking water, electricity, communication, transportation and all other facilities. The local people are outraged because of the government has been taking a snail’s pace approach to tackle the crisis. Every year the lack of disaster preparation results in this kind of situation as loosing many lives of people, livestock and agricultural land. In the present context, we have three levels of government (federal, provincial and local), however the lack of coordination for quick rescue and relief of people hit by calamities is really making people very sad. Also, there might occur serious problems as water borne infections, encephalitis, snakebites and other fatal diseases. In the affected areas, the situation for the children, aging people and women are in very worst situation and concerned authorities should focus on serving these section of population.

The cabinet of Nepal Government has decided to provide the relief and rehabilitation to the victims only after getting the official statistics. The government’s efforts for the immediate rescue of flood and landslide victims across the country and relief for the affected has failed to impress them. According to the Flood Forecasting Section, water level in the major rivers is coming down. The section, however, has warned people to remain alert, as it is still raining in the different parts of the country and weather is not clear as rainfall is likely to continue till. 


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