Relief Distribution Program

The lockdown restrictions were effective from April 29, 2021 and still we are in lockdown. This second wave of Covid-19 pandemic has plunged one of the poorest nations in Asia, Nepal into a public health disaster. As the pandemic worsens, needs are growing. Putting into consideration for the food insecurity to the population, who are having difficulties, the Women’s Foundation has been distributing the Food Relief Packages primarily to single women, daily working women, poor, people with disabilities and people in need. Distributing Food Relief Packages for the families in need who are affected by COVID-19 Pandemic is the main goal of this program. With food supplies, we will be able to help the vulnerable people who are excessively affected in the community.
If you would like to support our program in supporting Food Relief Packages and Critical Medical Supplies, please email us. We would be very grateful for your assistance in this program.

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