Vegetable Farming Training in Bhaktapur

Today, a seven-day training in Bhaktapur, reached its highlight. 45 women, all of them farmers in rural areas, learned in the past days about efficient organic farming.

This training is part of the Vocational Training for Nepalese Rural Women Program funded by Marie-Schlei-Verein Germany. The training is about how to grow all kinds of vegetables in harmony with nature. The women learned about professional farming and how to make more profit from their farm. 

On the last day, each women brought some of her own soil and the teacher tested the PH-value and gave a feedback to each women about the quality. After the training finished, a nice diploma ceremony was held. Several speeches, chanting and even a little theatre honoured the participants. Then, each woman got her diploma. At the same time, the diploma ceremony was held in two other districts.

In 2014, 117 Trainers were trained in the topics “vegetable farming”, “leadership development & gender equality” and “micro-credits and savings”. These trainers so far conducted trainings in Bhaktapur, Kavre and Sunsari about these three topics. So far, 522 women received a diploma in 2014 in one of the topics. 

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