The Women’s Foundation Nepal (WFN) district branch and sub-branch offices in Jhapa 1, Jhapa 2 and Sunsari has facilitated different programs as making members, trainings and supporting Violence Against Women (VAW) cases. It also continued to provide assistance for the beneficiaries.
The District Activities has following objectives:

  • Empower women and decrease in ratio of un-employment.
  • Provision of strong source of income to women overall especially needful / deserving / poor women / widows at their door step.
  • Strength & Train hard worker women to make them self-dependent.
  • Build up the capacity of women for empowering them both socially as well as economically.

The following Activities has been completed in the months of April/May/June 2017
Members : 220
Trainings : 3
(Organic Farming Training, Women Empowerment
Training, Income Generation Training)
Loan Provided to: 5
Registered VAW Cases: 18

Members 157
Trainings : 1 (Women Legal Rights Training)
Lon Provided to: 4
Registered VAW Cases: 7

Members 245
Trainings : x
Loan Provided to: x
Registered VAW Cases: 2

A standard membership procedure has been continued where altogether 622 members and 27 VAW and Property Rights cases have been registered in three district branch and sub-branch offices. Along with the membership, 4 trainings (3 trainings in Jhapa -1 and 1 training in Jhapa -2) were conducted and loan sanctioned to 10 women in Jhapa 1 and Jhapa 2 to start different businesses regarding women economic empowerment.

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