Update:Age of Innocence and Activities.

Shelter home ,Kindergarten and Violence free School.
When a child is born, he/she is considered as God and Goddesses in Nepal. The statement is rather controversial and seems like they are just up to the opinion of the people. Not all children are lucky to such privileges when one lost their parents, abused, a survivor of violence, left alone, thrown out and so on. There is still darkest scum in our society where children are deprived of their age of innocence. Well, what makes children so special – their smile of course.

Below are some photographs from the shelter home and kindergarten where children are enjoying to their various activities. As many of us know that dance is a form of meditation, these children practice much in their free time. Beside dance children also enjoy yoga, and other games activities.

Women’s Foundation Nepal is proud not for its name, not for any profits, not for any award ….. but for protecting the age of innocence of these children. It is indeed a moment of bliss for our organization to see these children happy.

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