Update: Warm meal at Life Saving Kitchen

We have opened a life saving kitchen in the compound of Women’s Foundation Production Center from last two weeks. Today is the 15th day where we serve to 1418 families very warm meal . In average,1000 people eat in our kitchen daily and over 60% of these children . It is a very hard and sad situation, a very hard and difficult situation following so closely on the all the after effects of the earthquake. But we are happy that we became by some means able to save at least some lives for some days. We could see clearly how very difficult the situation of thousands and thousands of people had become during the time we were away because of a blockade of supplies coming over the border from India.

During our emergency project we could visibly observe Many single mothers, especially poor, non-skilled laborers and their families are in big difficulties. Because of the blockade from India, there is no fuel or products to continue work in shops or construction. Poor labourers cannot find any work. They are penniless and have no food, no gas to cook, no oil, they cannot even find fire wood. Everywhere there are long lasting power cuts and petrol is rationed. Businesses are shutting down and Nepal’s economy is being shattered. Today several women came to share their story with their children. They shared their painful stories with tears. They said that they had not had any food since three or four days before coming to have meal together with WFN. They added more because of this emergency project we have a very warm and delicious meal. They are still worried about the situation After hearing these stories, we feel some how good but still our team will work out into our local community to see for themselves the situation of people and how widespread the emergency is.

We found many poor people who are starving. Several children could no longer go to school because they have no food to eat.. So when we got back to WFN offices, we decided to call a meeting right away. We all shared what we saw in the various areas we had gone to. It was very hard to share such sad situations but out of this we decided to start the life saving kitchen to provide food for poor people beginning the very next day.

So far, we have distributed food to over 15402 families.

In addition with this emergency rescue support we are busy with our regular projects. Here are some of the snaps of people who come across the community for warm meal.

Thank you again for your generous donation and support. We promise to keep you up to date with progress on our activities and programs

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