Update: Present situation with suffering and hardship of people.

Present condition in Nepal, conditions on the Indian border at the blockade are quieter but the effects of the blockade on the economy are spreading in catastrophic results for the poor and those most affected by the Gorkha earthquake of last April. Lack of fuel to bring relief supplies to remote areas of the mountains cut off by winter snow and freezing temperatures, has left many destitute without any resources to struggle through until spring. After nine months, there are still an estimated 400,000 people living in tents meant as temporary shelters, many of those in Himalayan villages devastated by earthquake damage and landslides, with no buildings, tools or food supplies to rebuild their lives and survive the winter. People are starving and dying.

Nepal achieved a new constitution in September, but still we are not using it to improve the lives of its citizens. Our government is busy solving the problems of the border dispute and the claims of the Terai. We hardly see anything about the pain of the people. They have been suffering so much.

We are so emotional when we do see this. Staff at the Women’s Foundation have a weekly meeting at our office and yesterday all of our team’s concern was on those people who are dying of hunger and cold. We can see various people on the news without proper winter dress and food to eat. We feel so deeply for those people who are far from the eyesight from all.

Here we have post the pictures of our baby boy and girl who were sheltered in our “Pregnant women and newly born baby “ project. We often visited the women and children who have left our shelter. We go to them for regular check up and furthermore suggestion that a woman and children need in during this period. This time we gave the some winter clothes and sanitary items.
We will share with you as soon as we find any good way to support them. They are seeking for help and rescue.

We are always in need of your suggestions, love and support.

We can make a lot of difference in people’s lives together with you!!

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