Update: Our immediate rescue and relief in the adversely affected areas.

Renu Sharma (The President), Kamala Upreti (The General Secretary) and Sabita Budhathoki (The Treasurer) are actively working in Jhapa District Branch and Sub- Branch Offices and Sunsari. Because of the transportation barriers as the bridges had been flooded and they could not go to other district offices there. Also due to the electricity cut off, the communication, sending pictures and obtaining information has been impossible this time. With the support of WFN District Office members and other local people, the team is serving the people in rescue, moving them to safe place and providing reliefs which has been collected at the moment.

On 11th August, at Sunsari District Office there was a phone call at midnight i.e. 2 a.m. crying with fear for the help. Sushila Upreti, the coordinator of Sunsari district was shocked to get such a call from the member of the office and immediately called her neighbors and informed nearby Police station. When she came outside hearing such a news, she found the area was submerged with flood water. All the team members gathered there to help the sufferers and there was a terrible incidents that a boy was shocked with electricity and immediately run to the hospital. All the people especially pregnant women, infants, children and ageing population there, suffering a lot. In the early morning, the members from WFN district Office in coordination with other organization collected clothes, money and all other materials to support the victims. The help has been continuing in the affected places and the people, however we are seeking for more help that could relief to the survivor.

All the transportation, communication, electricity and other facilities has been obstructed by the flood there. Many children, women, pregnant women and their infants and ageing population are in high risk as death tolls of the mentioned population has indicated high percentage. Due to the carelessness of the government structures and the blockages in the transportation has created obstacles in saving and supporting people. The rescue management system seems very poor as before as they do not have any planning for the rescue, relief and rehabilitation. The WFN determined and working in the affected Terai districts and further seeking help to support the victims with tent, food, medicine, clothes and sanitary items for pregnant women and infants. Our first priority is rescue the life in the affected district along with relief materials and rehabilitation to the affected people there. As, the catastrophic environment increases health vulnerability, health facilities is another immediate need that we are seeking in the affected place

Note: We are not able to upload the pictures and provide you the detail information regarding our services in this affected districts due to the various barriers ie. Communication, transportation, and electricity obstruction. We will keep on updating.

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