Update on Womens Foundation Nepal and Lapilang

These last few months have been such an important and challenging time for us here at Women’s Foundation Nepal. They have been filled with hardship and sorrow – some of us have lost loved ones and many have had their homes damaged or destroyed – but throughout all this struggle, throughout the panic of earthquakes and aftershocks, we have taken courage in our work and the knowledge that our efforts are helping many people and bringing hope to those who have suffered.

However, there is still much to do and WFN itself is still recuperating from damages to our buildings and our production centers. Our organic farm was severely damaged, our livestock lost, and buildings in the cloth production center were damaged. Because of this, we have taken a huge loss in our regular income. This hampers our ability to maintain our regular projects, shelter homes and district offices.

As well as working to restore and continue our regular projects, shelters, production centers, school and childcare centers, WFN has sunk as much of its resources as possible into providing emergency aid and relief to people throughout the earthquake devastated areas. In particular, WFN has provided assistance tailored to the particular plight of women in this emergency. Our program to assist pregnant women and mothers of newborns displaced by the earthquake has sheltered 50 women, newborns and siblings so far. We are also prioritizing school children, helping them with school uniforms, shoes, supplies and building roofing, so that children can get back to a more regular life. Even if their families are still in temporary shelters, these young ones will not lose any more time from their studies and can keep working to fulfill their dreams.

BUT we still have many, many people waiting for our help. We have more than 100 applications from desperate people waiting for us to come to their village and help. WFN wants to reach these villages, but monsoon rains, flash floods, and mudslides are hampering our ability to bring materials to them.

Sometimes, the people manage to come to us to take materials for their villages. WFN recently provided bundles of metal roofing and uniforms for 200 children in Dolakha District, Lapilang V.D.C. Two staff members from WFN went along with that team to bring the relief materials to this hard hit area.

Your donations and support are still needed and so appreciated! There is much still to do to help people through the next few months of monsoon and to start the rebuilding effort. Thank you for any support you are able to send to help in our continuing work.

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