Update on the WFN Program for Pregnant Women and New Mothers Displaced by the Earthquakes

Many women have now heard about WFNs new program to care for pregnant women and new mothers. They have heard about us from our radio and TV interviews, and through referrals from hospitals. WFN is now providing a safe and caring place for women during an extremely vulnerable time when they are just about to give birth or have just given birth to a tiny and helpless infant. The women and their new babies are given medical care, checkups, clothing, bedding, nutritious food and most importantly, love and care to make them feel safe again. Their family members, children, husbands and inlaws often accompany them, as many are homeless.
Our First BABY
Sanu Basnet Shrestha is 28 years old. She comes from Sindhupalchok Discrict, Thulopakhare. She first came to the Women’s Foundation Shelter on May 14th, following the second earthquake, while she was still heavily pregnant. On 17th of May, she gave birth to the mostbeautiful baby girl in this world; the first baby to be born at the Women’s Foundation new program for Pregnant Women and New Mothers.
Although Sanu had a normal delivery and mother and baby are both doing well physically, this has been such a time of hardship and fear for Sanu. The stress of living through both earthquakes and not knowing where she would be when her baby came has had a devastating impact on Sanu’s mental state. She still faces much trouble and uncertainty, but for now she is safe with WFN.
She is currently staying in the shelter home where she is getting nutritious food and care and all other required needs of a new mother. Without this support it would difficult to imagine how she could nurture her child or take care of herself. Now, she feels happy and safe. Both mother and child are getting regular check ups with nurses and doctors, there to care of their health.

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