Update: Numerous Flood and Landslide In Nepal.

Fears that the monsoon season would bring with it an increased risk to Nepali from landslides and flooding due to destabilized land from the earthquakes seem to be coming true.

Due to heavy monsoon in different parts of the country, an emergency has been inflicted by the landslides and floods that has recently hit different parts of Western, Mid-Western and Central Regions of Nepal. The government of Nepal has announced and alerted the people of risks that can lead to more disturbances and destruction. We would like to share the problem here that an immediate assistance support which is at utmost required in the affected areas. Adding to this severity, the aftermath of earthquake 2015 is still felt which have greatly impacted on fragile land and no sustained solution has been provided by the government for the affected people.

Many people have been killed, lost and displaced by the landslides and floods. Continuing bad weather and fears of more landslides from the unstable grounds of the earthquake areas, are hampering rescue efforts. In many areas, people threatened by even more mud and flood have been told to move to safer ground. The question is how? How will they get to anywhere safer? Where will they go? Where will they shelter? Who will help them?

Monsoon season lasts in Nepal from mid June until the end of August. Conditions for the people of terai region and other hilly areas will continue to deteriorate. There is so much fear in people that they are just focused on saving their and family’s life. There is no safe place, no proper drinking water, no health care, no school and no certainty when these problems will be over. Immediate action is required to respond regarding critical needs such as water, sanitation, hygiene, shelter, food, health and other essential humanitarian needs. Reports of death and displaced due to a landslide and flood is heard very often in the news. The government has not been able to fully mobilize its resources to help people.

We, Women’s Foundation Nepal, also have been receiving calls for help and aid. Because of the terrible problems in reaching these villages in the monsoon season, we try our best and often send supplies back with a member of the village or even on their own. WFN is planning an initiative to help people with its full capacity. We have districts offices in different location and we can mobilize our volunteers to the affected areas as volunteers are local people. We would update you about the further more phenomenon about the effects and destruction led by landslides and floods. We have not yet receive complete data.

Please continue to send your love and support for relief efforts. Now more than ever, that support is needed and will continue to be needed throughout the next three months of the monsoon season.

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