Update June 25: Nuwakot District – Patichor V.D.C

The WFN team went to Nuwakot Patichor V.D.C for the second time with relief materials for people in villages that had been hardest hit in this district. People in the village we arrived at had only received 2 kg of rice and tents from the government. At the request of the villagers, our team came back with a larger supply of rice that would see their families through a long period of the monsoon season, and get them through this time when people are unable to rebuild. Our team distributed relief materials to 136 displaced families. We distributed lungis (wrap around cloth for women) and sack of rice weighing 30 kg to each of the families.

All the villagers were so pleased to see us. They shared their suffering and their hardships during these difficult days. They told us how they still worry about the possibility of further earthquakes and landslides.

At the end of distribution, a woman came saying her name was not written on our list and she was from the nearby village. WFN had already distributed all of our relief aid and we could not provide her a sack of rice. When the villagers saw this, they were saddened by her situation and they immediately opened their own sacks and each gave her a share of rice to make up enough for her family. We were so pleased seeing their positive attitude, their kindness and generosity, and their willingness to help one another.

Thank you so much for your donations! Your contribution will definitely help to make changes among the many, many people who have lost so much. Together we can give hope back to the people who continue to suffer from loss of homes, land, and livelihood, and share scenes of comfort.

At WFN we feel relief that we are surrounded by caring and helpful people like you, who have come forward to help us, unconditionally. We can’t express how important this support has been and how much we appreciate your thoughts and concern during this hard time.

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