Success!!! Court case in favor of woman after nine months

Rupa Gupta (name changed) has been sheltering with WFN since last 9 months. She is the wife of a former Minister for Law and Justice; recently he is a Member of Parliament in Nepal, a responsible person who is drafting the law for the country.   Rupa, even though she is the wife of a high profile family and is educated herself, became a survivor of domestic violence. Her husband denies to staying together because Rupa’s parents could not able to provide a car, brand name Scorpio, on her behalf as a dowry. Finally, after much pain and struggle she went to the National Women Commission, Nepal to get legal support and fight for justice with her husband Naresh K. Gupta (name changed). National Women Commission recommended her to give shelter in our office, WFN examined the case and decided to support her in every way which we could.  It is so shameful that one man who was became Law and Justice Minister has been brought to a court for violating the rule and regulations of the country and was supposed to uphold. We kept Rupa in the shelter with her son to keep them safe so she can get her legal right. In between, her husband made various threats to us but we ignored while we kept helping her. As a result, she won her first case from the Court and able to get half of the remuneration of her husband from the Parliament of Nepal. Now she is very happy to restart her life with her 4 year’s little son. When she won the case and shared this with her little boy he was so happy and innocently said, “Mama, now we are going to celebrate my birthday with lots of gifts and chocolates”. This emotional moment was moving not only to Rupa, but for our whole team. We felt so glad that she got justice in her initial case from the court. She is going to file another one case in the court; we hope she will win that another case, too.U


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