Sarita Chaulagain’s Experience

Sarita Chaulagain came to WFN Shelter from her home in Kavre, Balluwapati after she came to know about the program for pregnant women and newborns from her relatives. Her home and the houses of both her mother-in-law and mother were also destroyed in the earthquake. Her mother-in-law died during the quake. Sarita says:
“My first born daughter didn’t receive proper nutrition growing up and because of this, she has a problem with her leg. I was extremely happy and thankful to WFN because of all the support my daughter received during her stay. WFN provided me the safe and secure shelter with all the facilities needed for me including the medical support, balanced diet, counseling. I think I was blessed. I was even more happy when WFN helped my daughter for her health treatment. Before I came to WFN, I was worried that my second daughter, born at the shelter, would also have the same health problem, but the support provided by WFN helped my baby to grow up healthy. Now my daughter is 2 1/2 months and she is so healthy.“

When Sarita left the shelter to return home to her family she said: “This is my lovely home and I will never forget it and I will come back to meet all the staff of WFN”.

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