Relief Distribution Program

WFN Provides emergency relief  for women in need during lock down.

Nepal COVID-19 lock down means no food for the poor . Lockdown as a safety precautions from COVID-19 as a Government directions has been very helpful to stop the numbers of infections of Corona virus. Although most people in the cities are staying home, there is growing worry about a prolonged shutdown leading to food shortages, economic hardship. The global nature of this pandemic has hit Nepal’s economy hard.There is also increasing number of the urban poor who depend on daily wages for the food.

WFN provided women and their families with free rations of rice, dal, sunflower oil and beans to help get them through these challenging times, when local lockdowns make it impossible for them to earn a living.We distributed for about 150 families with the essential food supplies. Most of them were women especially pregnant, physically disable .
“We continue to assess the situation and will give continued support as needed. The Women’s Foundation is committed in providing supplies to all the women in needs during crisis ” said Renuka Sharma, the President of the Women’s Foundation.

The Women’s Foundation is committed to be ready to support any emergency and work with every relief organization on the front line.

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