Relief Distribution and Open Kitchen during the Covid-19 pandemic by Women’s Foundation

Relief Distribution and Open Kitchen during the Covid-19 pandemic by Women’s Foundation

The extension of lockdown as a measure to slowdown the spread of the disease has been rising a problem to the people in need. In this regards, the Women’s Foundation started to distribute relief package of 25 kg rice, pulse, salt, oil and vegetables to 3217 families’ house to house and door to door up to now who are affected by the lockdown.

Renu Sharma, President of Women’s Foundation said, “The focus of the relief distribution were women, children and pregnant women. However, we have seen many elderly, sick, poor and differently able people in the communities in need and we have focused our relief distribution to them too. Additionally, we have launched an Open Kitchen Model to eliminate duplicity and to help those who even do not have cooking fuels ensuring social distance and hygiene”

The Women’s Foundation is doing our best to feed the hungry coordinating with the locals and distributing the cooked food for 500 people per day where the hungry people can be ascertained with effective distribution via Open Kitchen Model. The Women’s Foundation feel proud that we are always at the forefront of charitable initiatives in such a crisis/disasters. And it is all possible with the support bighearted donors, friends and family of the Women’s Foundation.

Also, people and NGOs are making a great effort to help the poor people in need and it should be increased at every macro-level at the communities. We thank you all our donors, friends, staffs and local people for supporting our program to make it more effective to reach people in need in such difficult time.

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