Pabitra (Timilsina) Rai’s Experience

Pabitra (Timilsina) Rai of Bhojpur, Nepal was living in a rented apartment in Kathmandu when the earthquake hit. Pabrita has “low-vision” as well as high blood pressure. Her husband Amrit Rai also has low-vision.

The rented house that she was living in was destroyed by earthquake. Because of this, she was completely panicked and stressed about where she could stay and how she would be able to delivery her child safely. Her delivery was complicated because of her high blood pressure.

“When me and my husband came to know that The Women’s Foundation had a program for pregnant women and new mothers, we visited the organization. My situation was a little different from the other pregnant women because of my health. WFN members provided great care, love, a balanced diet and all the medical treatment before, during and after my delivery. I had my 7 year old daughter with me and now I have my new baby as well, thanks to all the support and love of the Women’s Foundation.”

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