Sponsorship and scholarship – Left column

To create a better life

The Women’s Foundation Nepal runs sponsorship and scholarship programs to allow you to help the women and children of Nepal to create better lives for themselves.


A sponsorship covers the living and education costs for the children and women from the Shelter Home. The sponsorship includes shelter, food, healthcare, clothes, education and all other needs. The children are sponsored until 10th grade and if their final exams shows good marks, WFN will also fund their further studies in college / university.

A sponsorship helps WFN to run the Shelter Home, provide an excellent education for the children and skills training to the women.


The Women’s Foundation Nepal provides scholarships for more than 1,000 children who belong to poor families all over Nepal. Scholarships involve financial support to cover tuition fees, uniforms and school supplies. By providing children with an education, they are able to enjoy their childhood, reach their educational goals and ultimately get a good job and support their families. This in turn will allow them to pay for their children’s school fees and change the cycle of poverty.

Become a sponsor of one of the women or children or provide a scholarship for someone in need.