Provide a scholarship for a child from a poor family

In Nepal, numerous families face extreme poverty and struggle to afford their children’s education. As highlighted in the child labor discussion, this unfortunate circumstance often forces children into work at a tender age, depriving them of the joyful and essential experiences of childhood. The Women’s Foundation Nepal actively collaborates with underprivileged families, offering financial assistance for their children’s school fees.

By granting access to education, we enable children to relish their childhood, pursue their educational aspirations, and ultimately secure promising employment to support their families. This transformative process breaks the cycle of poverty, allowing them to independently provide for their own children’s education in the future.

You can make a difference in the lives of Nepalese families by providing a valuable scholarship for a child. Each scholarship covers tuition fees, uniforms, and essential school supplies. Rest assured, we will keep you updated regularly on the child’s educational journey.

The Women’s Foundation Nepal stands alongside numerous families in urgent need of financial aid. If you are interested in providing a scholarship for a child, please reach out to us. We will furnish you with comprehensive background information about the family and the child you will be supporting.

Thank you for being instrumental in transforming the future of a deserving family!