May 7 Update: WFN Launches Program to Shelter Pregnant Women and New Mothers with Infants

Renu Sharma, president of Women’s Foundation Nepal, announced a new program to provide shelter, food, medical access, nutrition, counselling and health support for pregnant women and new mothers who have been displaced by the Gorka Earthquake. She was interviewed on Radio Nepal today about this new program to reach women who have been left without homes, food, sanitary conditions or support at such a vulnerable time. “During our relief efforts in the devastated communities around Kathmandu, we were struck with how terrible conditions were for any woman who will give birth in the coming weeks. We want to provide a safe and healthy place for them to go to.”

The program will offer safe shelter at Women’s Foundation facilities, with all the necessary nursing and care required for pregnant women, new mothers and their infants.

Fifteen team members of Women’s Foundation met to discuss and organize all aspects needed for the success of the new program. WFN’s primary concern is that the program reach those who need it, and offer both comfort and support. Team members planned staff necessary for the program, facilities, risk management, in-take policies, program management, and steps to co-ordinate successfully with other organizations and government.

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