May 6 Update : Karve District

The Women’s Foundation team left for Deupar Gairi Bisouna village, VDC Ward 7 and 8, at 9am Wednesday morning. We carried with us supplies for the 65 families living there. After travelling on some very poor roads, the team of 6 arrived without any problems at 1:30pm. WFN distributed rice, blankets, salt and sanitary products (soap, etc.) to approximately 400 people.

In this village, no houses have been left standing. Six people in two families died during the quake. The two families lost members ranging in age from a 70 year-old grandmother to an 8 year old girl.

This village had received a limited amount of food aid before, but the people were relieved to receive the 30kg bag of rice provided by WFN for each family. They say this amount will keep them fed for another 20-25 days.

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