May 31 Update: GamchaGau

Today our WFN Team reached out to people in the worst affected areas nearby Kathmandu. The houses there were either completely or partly destroyed so as to be unlivable.Although it was near to the capital, this is still a poor area and lacking in most necessities. Many people living in this area are very poor and of discriminated caste.
The people of this caste are vilified by society; they have been systematically neglected and very little relief has made its way to them. With a lots of struggle, they got some relief items but there was no place for them to stay. They were provided some food to eat but no place to stay as there were very few tents in the relief supplies and the places near their houses were impossible to stay because of the remains of their broken houses ready to collapse any time. One of our staff told us of the pathetic conditions of these people who are suffering not only from the ravages of the earthquake, but now suffering again from an unjust system of society.
WFN decided to provide the people with corrugated steel roofing so they could make their own shelters. We distributed to 180 displaced families. Each family received a bundle of steel roofing panels to make a place to stay of their own. They were so relieved and happy to get this roofing and happy that they can now build a safe shelter. The people were so thankful that someone cares, despite this unfair caste system, and they were so grateful for our support.
Please let the people of this area and the countless others who desperately need your support know that you CARE.

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