May 30 Rasuwa District, Syapru : Unity Gives Strength

The WFN team left the office at 5:00am with two trucks of emergency supplies for the Rasuwa District, Syapru base V.D.C. Road conditions were very bad. We could see dry landslides happening as we drove, triggered by aftershocks that came during our journey. In many places we had to pull over and wait until the landslide was over. The way was too risky. We could feel the aftershocks come time and again. All the hills around us were turned into dry landslides. We kept driving ignoring the landslides and all the trouble we were facing on our way.

Though it was a very hard to get there, after reaching to that place and seeing the smiles on the faces of the people, our team forgot all the suffering and fear on our way. When we reach there, people started sharing their sufferings. Like countless others, they have been sheltering in an open area using whatever coverings they could find to keep off rain and the heat of the elements. They are worried about increasing illness in the elderly and children and the spread of disease. They are worried about the coming monsoon season and what will happen to their land.

All the people of this place are so welcoming. They have now started to build the temporary houses. They look so humble. We could see how they were all helping each other and trying to make sure that everyone was safe. They helped us also with our work. They took so much pleasure in supporting us in any way they could as a way to give back and to give thanks. They have understood that this disaster is not the fault of any people but it is a natural, ongoing process of the earth. We also spoke out to them of their bravery and unity, so that it gave them more hope and strength to fight the many challenges they face.

The people of Syapru greeted us so nicely. We went there thinking we wanted to give them a support and caring that felt like family love. In this case we found that we received that love back.The rolling tears from the people’s eyes due to happiness was such an emotional moment. All the people were blessing us and our team. In this environment it makes us so happy to distribute the emergency aid and see them happy and having more hope.

We distributed the aid, which included a 30 kg sack of rice for each family and clothes for women and also we taught them about the importance of cleanliness. The people still suffer from the stress of their conditions and the constant aftershocks and landslides but they have an amazing spirit of working together to overcome hardship. We found these people already united together and working hard to restart their lives. This could be the lesson for other districts too.

Now more than anything UNITY has strength. It is so inspiring to see the people working together, joining hand in hand.
Together we can share HOPE and together we can share a sense of relief. YES WE CAN!!!
Please! Continue your support! Now more than ever the people need to know you CARE

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