May 17: More Women Seek Out WFN Shelter for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

Today, six more pregnant women and one new mother arrived at the WFN shelter home for women displaced by the earthquake. These last months of pregnancy and the time following childbirth is a special period in which women need much more nutritious food, love, and affection along with a safe space where they will feel completely protected and cared for. At WFN, we are committed to providing all of that, within an environment of family love since these women are temporarily separated from their loved ones. The women are happy and safe staying at the shelter and we give them as much love and care as we can.
The Shelter for Pregnant Women and New Mothers is a year long project that needs lots of support and funding to help and support these women during this vulnerable and special time. Together we can do much more in the months ahead and give hope to these women and keep their infants safe.
Let’s join, hand and hand together, to help in this devastating situation.
Your support will make the difference in people’s life and increase hope for them!

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