May 10 Update

 The WFN team has been busy on two fronts.  We have re-ordered supplies to supplement our dwindling resources; yesterday 700 bags of rice (30 kg each) were received as well as a shipment of tents coming from India.  Over night we will pack for an early start to reach 141 families in Purano Jhangajholi, Sindhuli District, 100 km to the east of Kathmandu.  This first team will distribute rice, lentils, and lungis for women.  A second team will leave for Sunderwati Village, Ward 5 and 6 in Dolakha District, a distance of about 170km, to distribute to 160 families there. 

 WFN is also working rapidly to hire staff and put together necessary resources in order to open our Program to Shelter Pregnant Women and New Mothers Displaced by the Earthquake.  Of the 2 million women of reproductive age affected by the Nepal Earthquake, the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) estimates that 126,000 pregnant women and lactating women “are in urgent need of health services.”  These women are not only left without homes, food, clothing or shelter at time when they are most vulnerable, but their usual support network of family are left without resources as well.  In many areas of the Kathmandu valley and in countless small villages in the 7 districts surrounding the epicenter, up to 100% of buildings were destroyed or damaged and are unfit to return to.  Entire villages are living under tents and camping in open areas.  For pregnant women and new mothers left homeless after the earthquake, the need for safe, secure housing, safe food and water, nutrition, health care, bedding and clothing, and caring support is critical for both themselves and for their infants. 

Stay in touch with us for more news about this critically important new program.

 You can continue to DONATE to support our relief efforts at our sister organization Global Womens Network link here.

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Name of Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd., Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal

Account Name: The Women’s Foundation, Kamalpokhari-Kathmandu

Account Type: Current Account-NPR

Account Numbers: 01201020251273







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