June 5 Update: Name giving day

WFN families have the special celebration,Name giving day for our new born family. As our country is multi ethnic and religious country. So we have our own way to celebrate for the new born baby according to the concern caste. There are 9 new kids. So today in the morning we have a big pooja, Child naming ceremony at the shelter home (worship) for these rituals. Priest gave the new name to the baby. so the child have her\his own identity in this world.

All the women look so happy their charming and smiley face was glowing and glowing with their new baby in their laps. In a words they said” we don’t have the words to express, we have never thought that in this hard time also they supports us and gave this opportunity with the rituals. We have almost forget about this because it was impossible for us . But WFN made this possible and we are so much thankful for our new Family (wfn)”

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