June 2 Update: Nuwakot District

This time a team from Child Haven International also joined with WFN to bring emergency supplies and medical help for struggling villages. We left the office at 9:00am with trucks of emergency supplies and a medical team for the Nuwakot District ,Okharpauwa VDC ward no 5. In this village 100%of the buildings have collapsed. All the people in this area are of discriminated caste, Dalit, and very poor and needy people. The villages of these hilly areas that have suffered so badly from the earthquakes are now at very great risk from rock slides as aftershocks continue every day.

We responded to all the many difficulties in the village and distributed aid to 213 displaced families, which included a 25 kg sack of rice for each family, clothes for children and cloths that women could wrap themselves in, lungis. We also brought first aid medicines and were able to dress the simpler wounds of the people. Each time we come to a community now, we teach them about the importance of cleanliness, common diseases and sanitation. We also distributed sanitary items(toothbrush, soap, paste, dressing materials etc). Illness is still a great problem for the people, living crowded together in temporary shelters and exposed to all elements. Taking into consideration drinkable water will soon become a major problem, we also gave the village a water filter, which was installed in their school.

The people also suffer from ongoing, relentless stress. Living in such precarious conditions, sharing tents with many families, worried about food and sickness, and with no end in sight, this is so very disheartening. Constant aftershocks bring with them continuing fears of landslides. But even in the midst of such difficulty, the people are a source of inspiration to us. They are resilient, they want to overcome these hardships and they have an amazing spirit of working together, helping each other as they can.

The people of village welcomed both of our teams with tears in their eyes. They take so much comfort and support from knowing that we came to help and that people around the world want to help them. They are doing their best to survive this terrible situation. Now is the time for all of us to UNITE together and reach out with love and support.

There are still many more villages like Okharpauwa, and many more months of struggle ahead before people can start to rebuild their lives.

Please spread the word. Re-post and ask your friends to “like” our Facebook updates. Lets gather as many people as we can to reach out and help.

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