Heartrending News

Dear Friends,
We have such heartrending news. The brother of WFN Business Manager, Anupama Mahat, and our dear friend, died in a helicopter crash while delivering emergency relief aid to Sindhupalchowk District. Dr. Sandip Mahat, along with 2 other Nepali colleagues and a doctor from the Netherlands, had been returning to Kathmandu after providing medical care to people still suffering from the devastation of the two earthquakes, April 25 and May 12.The helicopter crashed at 4:40pm, June 2, after it hit electricity lines, in a forested area on Yamuna Danda hill near Balefi village.
All of us at Women’s Foundation are so terribly heartbroken. Just before the accident ,Sandip was in our office with his group. Women’s Foundation Nepal will feel his loss deeply. Dr. Mahat had two small daughters aged 1 and 7 years. He was only 38 years old. The loss of this talented, committed and generous doctor and father will be sorely felt by his family, his colleagues and by the nation.
Our deepest sympathy goes out to Anupama and her family.We wish God give strength to her family to overcome the grief.

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