Happiness for all over success of heart operation

Mandira is 32 years old and has had heart problems for a long time.  8 years ago a doctor told her that she needed to have a new heart valve. For her full treatment and operation she needed to pay around NRS 400,000 ($4,500).  Her family are very poor and her and her husband work on a construction site as laborers. From their income it was difficult to maintain daily expenses for themselves. They have one little son.  She did not go to hospital because it is out of her and her family’s capacity to pay for the operation.  Day by day she became weaker and weaker.  They gave up on her ever having treatment.  They were not able to send their son, Karan to school, he was already 9 years old and had never received any education.  At that time WF started the non-violent school.  Mandira came to know about the school and brought her son there.  At school the boy could not study, he looked very sad.  After talking with the boy WF found out about his mother’s health and the situation of family. We visited her in her rented room.  A international volunteer   also went to see her in her room with Renu.  When they heard her life story, the volunteer decided to help her by giving some part of her hospital cost.  We were very happy with this. We took Mandira regularly to the hospital.  We also collected some money ourself but it is not enough.  We continued to try to make an operation date for her. Doctors gave time for the operation but it had to be postponed several time because of her very weak heath. 

Finally on Friday July 4th she had an operation which was a big success.  The doctors say she is doing very well.

After the success of the operation her husband expressed his joy and thanks to God.  “When Mandira had been very ill I contemplated suicide as I found it very painful to see Mandira in such pain and with such a depressing outlook.  There was nothing I could do to save her.  Now, after the operation, I have my wife back.

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