Good News

Wonderful news! WFN’s school in Kathmandu has reopened and classes are running smoothly. We have set up the school with temporary tents to keep students safe from any danger posed by aftershocks. Parents trust that our school will keep their children safe, so they are sending the students back to class.

We begin each day with counseling for all the students. The children are given opportunity to feel safe about talking about fears and trauma caused by the earthquakes and the continuing aftershocks. The children still have many fears because Nepal continues to experience shocks of up to 4.8 magnitude. Teachers and staff are doing their very best to build an environment of openness and safety so that students can start to concentrate on their studies again.

WFN is committed to this process of making the school more comfortable and open for the students and their parents because every child’s second home is their school. They spent more than 50% of their time at school. This is a special trust and responsibility WFN believes we have to build a better future for children.

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