Februay 1 Update: Indranighat, Nuwakot – Aid to 350 Families

It has been 10 months since the Gorkha Earthquake but the situation in Nepal continues to worsen for the poor of the city and mountain villages. Food programs from the various NGOs have packed up and finished and for those who lost all their possessions in the earthquake destruction, that is the end of their supplies. For many still trapped in temporary shelters since last April, cold winter winds now tear away at their burlap and plastic tarps and snow weighs down ropes and covers. Continuing blockades on the Indian border, black market costs for rationed motor fuel and damaged roads cut off help and supplies needed to rebuild. With winter conditions, work has slowed to a standstill and many are just trying to survive the cold until things get better. Government help is non-existent, the economy is in tatters and people are out of work, out of supplies and heating fuel, and many are out of food.

Women’s Foundation Nepal is continuing its emergency relief programs, trying to reach to the people who are struggling hard under these conditions. After researching the various areas, we have chosen some districts and completed our field visits there. Our team is trying to reach out to the people and serve those who need help the most, and ensure that supplies are distributed fairly. We are bringing warm blankets and warm clothes to the people as well as a 30 kg sack of rice per family to these districts. People were so relieved and happy to see us, telling us that their food stores were either gone or just about finished. They were so happy for the support. WFN distributed warm blankets, warm clothes and 1 sack of 30 kg rice and other emergency aid to 350 displaced families so far.

When our team visited this place we found people still forced to live in one tent in winter conditions and children without proper winter clothing because they have nothing to wear. Food at their shelter was also finished. When we decided to provide emergency service to the village, their Village District Officer tried to discourage us, telling us that people are not working because they have found an easy way to provide false statements and get free food and emergency supplies. He said such relief to people should be immediately stopped. However, we saw the villagers, and their miserable conditions. We could not agree him after our team visited there. The WFN team distributed goods in a fair and equitable manner to those who needed them most this Sunday.

In addition with this emergency rescue support we are also actively involved with our regular projects including in Kathmandu. Here are some snaps of people who come to the WFN community kitchen for a warm meal.

Thank you again for your generous donation and support. We promise to keep you up to date with progress on our activities and programs.

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