WFN District Office Helping Hands for Flood Victims !

The three days heavy monsoon in Terai has killed 70 people and 50 people are still missing. More than 26000 houses are submerged under the flood water. Our district Offices at Sunsari and Jhapa are providing relief to the flood victims. The district office witnessed that the children, pregnant women and old age population are facing great difficulties. Alone WFN cannot provide the relief to the victims. So WFN is in need of support from our partners.

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Update: Our immediate rescue and relief in the adversely affected areas.

Renu Sharma (The President), Kamala Upreti (The General Secretary) and Sabita Budhathoki (The Treasurer) are actively working in Jhapa District Branch and Sub- Branch Offices and Sunsari. Because of the transportation barriers as the bridges had been flooded and they could not go to other district offices there. Also due to the electricity cut off, the communication, sending pictures and obtaining information has been impossible this time. With the support of WFN District Office members and other local people, the team is serving the people in rescue, moving them to safe place and providing reliefs which has been collected at the moment.

On 11th August, at Sunsari District Office there was a phone call at midnight i.e. 2 a.m. crying with fear for the help. Sushila Upreti, the coordinator of Sunsari district was shocked to get such a call from the member of the office and immediately called her neighbors and informed nearby Police station. When she came outside hearing such a news, she found the area was submerged with flood water. All the team members gathered there to help the sufferers and there was a terrible incidents that a boy was shocked with electricity and immediately run to the hospital. All the people especially pregnant women, infants, children and ageing population there, suffering a lot. In the early morning, the members from WFN district Office in coordination with other organization collected clothes, money and all other materials to support the victims. The help has been continuing in the affected places and the people, however we are seeking for more help that could relief to the survivor.

All the transportation, communication, electricity and other facilities has been obstructed by the flood there. Many children, women, pregnant women and their infants and ageing population are in high risk as death tolls of the mentioned population has indicated high percentage. Due to the carelessness of the government structures and the blockages in the transportation has created obstacles in saving and supporting people. The rescue management system seems very poor as before as they do not have any planning for the rescue, relief and rehabilitation. The WFN determined and working in the affected Terai districts and further seeking help to support the victims with tent, food, medicine, clothes and sanitary items for pregnant women and infants. Our first priority is rescue the life in the affected district along with relief materials and rehabilitation to the affected people there. As, the catastrophic environment increases health vulnerability, health facilities is another immediate need that we are seeking in the affected place

Note: We are not able to upload the pictures and provide you the detail information regarding our services in this affected districts due to the various barriers ie. Communication, transportation, and electricity obstruction. We will keep on updating.

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Latest Update: Incessant Rainfall since Two Days Generates Havoc in Nepal

Nepal remains a priority for emergency response as the flood in all over the Terai Districts and Landslides in Hilly Districts has been producing high risk to the people living there. As many as 102 persons died in natural disasters including floods, landslides and inundation in 43 districts of the nation in the previous weeks where 22 persons are missing from the incidents while 58 are injured (The Kantipur, 9th August 2017). Floods triggered by incessant rainfall for the past two days in the Terai districts, tension has been high of losing people, livestocks, crops and properties where 34 people have been added confirmed death and many people are still missing.

The high risk districts has been outlined by the Home ministry, as Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Bara, Sarlahi, Banke. Panchthar. Dang, Sindhuli, Palpa, Bardiya and the flood has been entering nearby districts with high currents. The Annapurna Post news on13th August 2017, Sauraha with the Chitwan National Park too has reported of floods and the water is filling the district where approximately 700 tourists along with the inhabitants are there seeking for help and hundreds of hotels are ruined by flood water there. Also, the Biratnagar Airport has submerged under the flood water and as a result all the flights has been obstructed and cancelled.

Krishna Bahadur Khadka, officiating Chief District Officer of Banke said, “I made numerous attempts to open the doors of the barrage but failed. Later, I urged the home ministry to take necessary action” (The Nagarik News, 13th August 2017). In, 2000, India constructed a marginal embankment at Kalkalwa which changed the whole scenario. The embankment secured India but many parts of Nepal became prone to floods. This is the reason behind the massive flood on Friday and Saturday too.

Food products have been destroyed after the flood water gushed into the human settlements. Thousands of families have been taking shelter in schools and other public places. Cattle of many families have drowned and paddy planted in hundreds of hectors of land has been destroyed owing to the floods. Moreover, heavy rain is forecasted in central and eastern regions of Nepal for coming two days up to 14th of August 2017 (Government of Nepal, Department of Hydrology and Metrology, Metrological Forecasting Division,) and there is needed to be in alert position and be safe in all the places. Home Minister briefed to the Prime Minister that 80% of affected districts are submerged under the flood water and commanded all the government structures for immediate rescue, relief and support.

Picture source : The eKantipur, The Nagarik news,The Annapurna post,The Repulica and other Various news channel and social media .

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Update: Numerous Flood and Landslide In Nepal.

Fears that the monsoon season would bring with it an increased risk to Nepali from landslides and flooding due to destabilized land from the earthquakes seem to be coming true.

Due to heavy monsoon in different parts of the country, an emergency has been inflicted by the landslides and floods that has recently hit different parts of Western, Mid-Western and Central Regions of Nepal. The government of Nepal has announced and alerted the people of risks that can lead to more disturbances and destruction. We would like to share the problem here that an immediate assistance support which is at utmost required in the affected areas. Adding to this severity, the aftermath of earthquake 2015 is still felt which have greatly impacted on fragile land and no sustained solution has been provided by the government for the affected people.

Many people have been killed, lost and displaced by the landslides and floods. Continuing bad weather and fears of more landslides from the unstable grounds of the earthquake areas, are hampering rescue efforts. In many areas, people threatened by even more mud and flood have been told to move to safer ground. The question is how? How will they get to anywhere safer? Where will they go? Where will they shelter? Who will help them?

Monsoon season lasts in Nepal from mid June until the end of August. Conditions for the people of terai region and other hilly areas will continue to deteriorate. There is so much fear in people that they are just focused on saving their and family’s life. There is no safe place, no proper drinking water, no health care, no school and no certainty when these problems will be over. Immediate action is required to respond regarding critical needs such as water, sanitation, hygiene, shelter, food, health and other essential humanitarian needs. Reports of death and displaced due to a landslide and flood is heard very often in the news. The government has not been able to fully mobilize its resources to help people.

We, Women’s Foundation Nepal, also have been receiving calls for help and aid. Because of the terrible problems in reaching these villages in the monsoon season, we try our best and often send supplies back with a member of the village or even on their own. WFN is planning an initiative to help people with its full capacity. We have districts offices in different location and we can mobilize our volunteers to the affected areas as volunteers are local people. We would update you about the further more phenomenon about the effects and destruction led by landslides and floods. We have not yet receive complete data.

Please continue to send your love and support for relief efforts. Now more than ever, that support is needed and will continue to be needed throughout the next three months of the monsoon season.

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The Women’s Foundation Nepal (WFN) district branch and sub-branch offices in Jhapa 1, Jhapa 2 and Sunsari has facilitated different programs as making members, trainings and supporting Violence Against Women (VAW) cases. It also continued to provide assistance for the beneficiaries.
The District Activities has following objectives:

  • Empower women and decrease in ratio of un-employment.
  • Provision of strong source of income to women overall especially needful / deserving / poor women / widows at their door step.
  • Strength & Train hard worker women to make them self-dependent.
  • Build up the capacity of women for empowering them both socially as well as economically.

The following Activities has been completed in the months of April/May/June 2017
Members : 220
Trainings : 3
(Organic Farming Training, Women Empowerment
Training, Income Generation Training)
Loan Provided to: 5
Registered VAW Cases: 18

Members 157
Trainings : 1 (Women Legal Rights Training)
Lon Provided to: 4
Registered VAW Cases: 7

Members 245
Trainings : x
Loan Provided to: x
Registered VAW Cases: 2

A standard membership procedure has been continued where altogether 622 members and 27 VAW and Property Rights cases have been registered in three district branch and sub-branch offices. Along with the membership, 4 trainings (3 trainings in Jhapa -1 and 1 training in Jhapa -2) were conducted and loan sanctioned to 10 women in Jhapa 1 and Jhapa 2 to start different businesses regarding women economic empowerment.

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Update:Age of Innocence and Activities.

Shelter home ,Kindergarten and Violence free School.
When a child is born, he/she is considered as God and Goddesses in Nepal. The statement is rather controversial and seems like they are just up to the opinion of the people. Not all children are lucky to such privileges when one lost their parents, abused, a survivor of violence, left alone, thrown out and so on. There is still darkest scum in our society where children are deprived of their age of innocence. Well, what makes children so special – their smile of course.

Below are some photographs from the shelter home and kindergarten where children are enjoying to their various activities. As many of us know that dance is a form of meditation, these children practice much in their free time. Beside dance children also enjoy yoga, and other games activities.

Women’s Foundation Nepal is proud not for its name, not for any profits, not for any award ….. but for protecting the age of innocence of these children. It is indeed a moment of bliss for our organization to see these children happy.

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Out of 24 students, 7 students achieved A+, 10 students achieved A and 7 students achieved B+ in the result of S.E.E. 2074 (2017).

Congratulation to all the Secondary Education Examination (S.E.E.) accomplished students from Bipul Shikshya Niketan (English Medium High School) ! This exam and its result is the beginning of your career but with your good grades, you have proved your ability and talent. Now you are ready to achieve and struggle for your designed goals. We believe you are destined to be successful and work hard to move ahead.

Our best wishes is always with you for you bright future!

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It is our pleasure to announce that The Women’s Foundation Nepal received an Appreciation from Women Security pressure group to acknowledge leading role in supporting the survivor of earthquake in following 14 district of Nepal.

Thank you WOMEN SECURITY PRESSURE GROUP to a great extent. We, at The Women’s Foundation Nepal are continually inspired and feel stronger to walk ahead for the betterment of women and children and any of the emergency support that we need to do for the betterment of People’s live .

This award is for all our dearest supporters. Thank you very much for you unconditional love care and support. We believe this energy would be multiplied for spreading our work in future

We together can brings changes on peoples lives!

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International Women’s Day : 8th March, 2017

We are delighted to join this year’s International Women’s Day campaign.

Each year on March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the struggle for women’s rights, and honour the many achievements of women around the world.

The 2017 International Women’s Day, focuses on “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030” as an International theme and “Basis of Women’s Dignity: Skilled Hands and Self Employment. Better Working World – More Gender Inclusive World” as a National theme. The Women’s Foundation Nepal organized a rally and further joined hand with national, international and working organizations on different conference, press meet and developing upcoming agendas.

The world of work is changing, with significant implications for women (UN Women). Likewise, Nepal is making a pace ahead in women’s political empowerment in Asia as 30% of Women are involved in political participation which is the highest display in the whole Asia. Nepal’s new Constitution 2015 has increased the political participation of Women in Nepal that lead to Bidhya Devi Bhandari elected as the1st President of Nepal, Onsari Gharti Magar elected as the 1st Speaker of Legislature-Parliament and by the same token, Sushila Karki recommended as the 1st Chief Justice of Nepal.

Even though, the law has been liberal, there is still a lot be upgraded. When it comes to deliberating citizenship, women’s identity as a mother is still questioned and equal distribution of parental property is still disorganized. As sourced from the Kantipur Daily, there is just 29% of female representation in Constituent Assembly and 35.64% in Government Agencies which would need a great struggle and joining hands to reach 50-50 by 2030.

Whether it is in Nepal or other parts of the world, society always marks boundaries of restriction to women. WFN believes that women are similarly proficient as men to perform any kind of task for the development of family, community and nation. Every human beings are equal owning equal right and dignity. In order to foster women’s participation in every field, we should know the domination that is followed and should be empowered to eliminate such dominations, as a result they can measure a firm path toward their betterment.

“Neither less nor more, we want equal rights.” We wish you all a Happy Women’s Day!

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Vocational Trainings for Nepalese Rural Women

District Program Empowers & Improves Women’s Economic Status in Nepal

“Almost 2100 women are benefitted from the Rural Vocational Trainings along with follow-up and income generation supports by means of Women’s Empowerment Principles.”

For more than 24 years, WFN has concentrated its efforts on the achievement of women’s empowerment and gender equality. We believe that women’s socio-economic empowerment is one of the most effective tools for gender equality. To reach these goals, WFN has initiated programs that provide capacity building, vocational and income generation support programs for Nepalese rural women which is funded by Marie-Schlei Verein (German Association).

The District Programs work to foster women’s empowerment and gender equality and the program marked as the milestone for transforming and upgrading women’s leadership, participation and their economic empowerment. Working in different districts since 2010 – 2013 in the first phase at Sindupalchowk, Jhapa 1, Jhapa 2 and Kathmandu; and further was extended in 2014 to February 2017 in the second phase in Kavre, Sunsari and Bhaktapur in Nepal, enabled thousands of women to improve their lives.

The Women’s Empowerment Principles highlight that empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors and throughout all levels of economic activity to improve quality of life and boost private enterprise for improving economic status in rural areas. For achieving the mentioned principles, WFN adopts a Training of Trainers (ToT) strategy where women from different districts in Nepal were trained in one location. These women subsequently returned to their districts, where they organized Training of Facilitators (ToF) to the local women. This method is extremely efficient and has proved successful at keeping overheads low. This model is particularly well suited to a country like Nepal where so many people are geographically isolated, and the road conditions make travelling into the city for training very difficult.

“Gender equality and women’s economic empowerment are essential drivers in expanding economies worldwide. When more women work, economies grow” – UN Women. Generally, the program was aimed to shield and stimulate opportunities for women throughout the economic and social development process by providing trainings, follow-up trainings, material supports and income generation chains. The first and second phase of the program delivered the succeeding trainings and beneficiaries as:

  •  Leadership Development & Gender Equality Training
  •  Microcredit Management Training
  •  Animal Rearing Training
  •  Veterinary & Animal Health Care Training
  •  Vegetable Farming Training
  •  Shop Management Training

Phase I (2010-2013) Direct Beneficiaries Districts
Trained 1172 Sindhupalchowk, Jhapa 1, Jhapa 2 & Kathmandu
Income Generation Support 375

Phase II (2014-2017) Direct Beneficiaries Districts
Trained 906 Kavre, Sunsari & Bhaktapur
Income Generation Support 295

Direct Beneficiaries of Phase I & Phase II.

The program resulted in eliminating traditional barriers to women’s economic advancement. Thousands of women were trained for greater earnings potentiality and access to resources which has increased economic growth of the beneficiaries in the particular area. Likewise, it improves social structure of the community and positive changes in female’s social life. Many women used the training programs for career development, to get results at work, such as new qualifications, promotions, new skills, a new attitude to change and a massive boost in confidence while other women focused on results in their personal life in their daily life. Some women improved their career development after attending the training, whereas others stayed with a new sense of purpose and a more positive attitude. Moreover, hundreds of women are involved in their own private enterprise which has unquestionably reduced poverty and unemployment.

The economy should concentrate on job creation and social security schemes as Christine Lagarde states “When women do better, economies do better.” WFN and the Women Hub from the selected districts would like to thank the Marie-Schlei Verein (German Association) and the team and all other supporting hearts for their big support and generosity in enhancing economic status of rural women in Nepal. We believe that your partnership and generosity will be continued as before with us for assisting more needy women in Nepal.

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