Basic House Wiring Training for Women

WFN is continuously working to find ways to empower women so they can take their true place in society.

In Nepal, many women never went to school, therefore can barely read and write and others do have a high school diploma but never received a practical training of any kind. Consequently they only can find low paying jobs like cleaning, doing house chores for another, knitting, in short work that requires no specific skills. Their long hours doesn’t even generate respect nor a decent salary and as a result women have no self esteem.

After many meeting and discussions on this issue, a pilot project was born.

With the help of a volunteer Kate Williams, we first established a partnership with Global Women Project (GWP). GWP is a secular, not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne and aims to empower women through the creation of partnerships with organisations and businesses that support the quest for gender equality.

With their financial support of AU$6000, we decided to coach women in electricity as a pilot project. We got in touch with the directors of an electrical company for the training and a six-week course was organized.

The project intends to train students to be able to work effectively with low current (up to 50A) and low voltage electrical (up to 2230V) and electronic assembly work. After training students will be linked with work opportunities and business training in order to create their own business start-ups.

The project has started on January 20th 2014, at the rate of five days a week. Thirteen women are currently registered and taking the course.

We are overwhelmed with joy about this project.

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