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The mission of The Women’s Foundation Nepal (WFN) is to work towards a violence-free society by helping women and children in Nepal who are victims of violence, abuse, and poverty. WFN provides women and children with a safe Shelter Home and covers all their needs, such as access to educational opportunities, skills training, and ultimately a proper job. The women and children are also provided with medical, psychological, and legal assistance.


  • Shelter Home & support: To provide a safe Shelter Home, which provides all needs. Medical, psychological, and legal support to women and children who are victims of violence, abuse, and/or poverty.
  • Access to education/training: To provide survivors of violence or abused women and children with access to kindergarten, school and university education as well as various skills training and empowerment programs.
  • Leverage self-dependent business: To enhance access to micro-credits and to promote local business and savings schemes for women.
  • Equal rights: To work toward the elimination of gender bias in laws, rules, and regulations and to lobby for equal participation for women at all levels of government and decision-making.

The Women’s Foundation Nepal also runs a fair-trade organization called The Maheela Cooperative. The Maheela initiative empowers women through skill training and employment where they work to produce beautiful scarves, textiles, and necklaces. Many women, after leaving the Shelter Home, work here, while their children go to the WFN’s Child Care Center or study at WFN’s violence-free school. The handicrafts are mainly exported to Europe and US/Canada and help the WFN to fund its projects.


  • Shelter Homes: Three Shelter Homes housing in total more than 120 children and more than 30 women
  • Child Care Centres: Two centres, one in Jhapa in the eastern part of Nepal and the other in Kathmandu caring for between 40 and 60 children aged 1 to 6 years
  • Non-violent school: Teaching over 450 children up to 10th grade
  • Micro-Credits in 2013: 235 women (in total 3000 women)
  • 300 trained Trainers in the Vocational Training for Nepalese Rural Women Program who go on to teach almost 1000 women in each of their respective districts
  • Legal assistance (mediation & lawsuits): over 300 cases yearly
  • Scholarships: more than 1000 in total
  • Support of poor, mentally sick, disabled families: more than 500 in total

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