Learn to Fly – Left column

Our Learn to Fly initiative was established with the aim of supporting our daughters who have grown up in the WFN shelter home. When these young women reach the age of 18, government regulations require them to leave the shelter. With no known relatives or connections beyond the WFN family, limited work experience, and little knowledge of navigating society’s day-to-day challenges, they face a daunting transition.

Despite their talents and academic achievements, our daughters need ongoing assistance to integrate into society. Through Learn to Fly, we provide them with progressive guidance on becoming independent community members, imparting practical skills such as managing finances, grocery shopping, cooking, and household chores.

We encourage our daughters to pursue higher education by assisting them in applying for and financing undergraduate programs of their choice. This not only fosters their independence but also empowers them to contribute positively to Nepali society, leveraging their knowledge and experiences to advocate for equality.

Having spent much, if not all, of their lives under the shelter home’s protection, the prospect of suddenly having to fend for themselves can be overwhelming. Rather than abruptly thrusting them into independence at 18, where they may struggle, our program offers them a supportive transition. By joining Learn to Fly, they remain under the emotional and financial care of the WFN family, enabling them to gradually integrate into the community and thrive.

We encourage our LTF group to gradually become financially independent under the following support scheme: