History – 2

With no assistance from the authorities, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We visited eight colleges telling the story and called a meeting for all those who were interested in helping to find the missing young girl. At this meeting 45 women came together to discuss the case. At the same time we also discussed family and women’s issues. It was at this meeting that we decided to form an NGO to address these types of cases and offer legal support accordingly. Soon after, we selected nine members from various backgrounds: students, doctors, lawyers and social workers to start organising social programs. After going to the Supreme Court and threatening to sue the police and the doctor for their negligence in finding the missing child, the next day, the police were able to easily locate the girl. She was used as free child labour at the doctor’s sister’s home. The Women’s Foundation Nepal could finally reunite her with her family. Since then we have grown. Today we have thousands of members, 7 district offices all over Nepal, two child care centres, three shelters for survivors of abuse and violence, an organic farm, an onsite textile production centre, scholarship programs, skills training for women and free onsite legal support and psychological counselling services.

Kamala Upreti 
President , The Women’s Foundation Nepal