News: On 24th August 2018, the women’s Foundation Nepal had the immense pleasure of releasing a booklet named “Kanuni Sandesh Pustika (Legal Information Booklet)” and distributing Stickers and hand bags following the amended laws that helped push through for the rights of women and children in Nepal. 

The standout changes are that for the first time ever, children can now get citizenship through their mothers too. This is life changing for many individuals whose fathers were absent and hence, could not receive a citizenship. Also, there are now equal inheritance rights for women and men, and stronger punishment for domestic violence, witch hunting and human trafficking. 

The program was focused on information dissemination and sharing with the Local Representatives and specially focused on Deputy Mayors who have the rights to implement and amend the legal provision justly for the women and children in their concerned metropolitan cities, municipalities and rural municipalities. The chief guest of the program was Ms. Sashikala Dahal, Vice-chair of the National Assembly and followed by the special guests Mr. Rameshwor Phuyal, Provincial Assembly member and Mr.Chiring Dorze, Provincial Assembly member. The program has many guests as deputy Mayors from Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur districts along with Human Right Activists, Women and Children Activists and Media Personalities.

Also, two papers were presented during the program by Prof. Dr. Sashi Adhikari on “New Family Legal Provision including Marriage, Divorce, Property Rights and more” and Advocate Mr. Saroj Nepal on “Domestic Violence Law”.

The book release, as well as the law changes it celebrates, mark an important time in the history of Nepal, where misogynistic laws are broken down. Women’s voices are heard and empowered in society, and the great reception of our event makes us proud to fight for women’s rights in Nepal. Still there are many legal provisions that should be amended and the local representatives makes commitment to work for the implementation of just rights for women and children during the program. Also, they promised to discuss the issue in their assembly meeting for the amendment of the new legal provisions that is needed to be amended. We hope the hurdles would be eliminated in the future.

We would like to thank ADHARA Foundation Family, different organizations and all the participants from different nook of the country for making a program successful.

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Outstanding 10th Grade SEE Graduation – Congratulations to all!

The school Bipul Shikshya Niketan organised a farewell program for the SEE (secondary education examination) graduation, and we are delighted that our children living in the shelter home have graduated with flying colors. Their hard work shows in their grades, and we are sure that their further studies will be successful.
The students have left the school and enrolled in a college for grade 11. IMG_0236
The WFN wishes them all the best for IMG_0045 their future, and congratulations to all the graduates!
Geeta, Riju, Samjhana, Swostika, Prazu, Prakriti and Dilara; You have made us proud!
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Saraswoti Puja Celebration at School and Kindergarten

Basant Panchami, is a hindu spring festival.It is observed on the fifth day of the Indian traditional calendar month of Magha, which typically falls in the Gregorian months of January or February.

The festival is celebrated in various ways depending on the region. Many revere goddess Saraswoti, the Hindu deity of learning, arts and music. It is celebrated with visits to her temples, by playing music, as well as the day children, initiate  writing letters of alphabet or study.For many Hindus, Vasant Panchami is the festival dedicated to goddess Saraswoti who is their ancient goddess of knowledge, language, music and all arts. She is the wife of Brahma and she symbolizes creative energy and power in all its form, including longing and love. The season and festival also reflects the agricultural fields which are ripening with yellow flowers of mustard crop, which Hindus associate with Saraswati’s favorite color

May your life shine and dazzle with lively colors of vasant. May Goddess Saraswoti bless you with wisdom and knowledge.  Celebration of joy, happiness and through poetry, dance, music and puja. #celebration #saraswotiPuja

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Update: Severe Damage of WFN’s Shelter Home Infrastructure

Devastating Earthquake 2015 had massively damaged the fenced brick walls of the WFN’s Shelter Home at Thali, Kathmandu. Due to the mentioned problem, WFN Shelter women and children have been facing the risk of material theft and insecurity. Furthermore, the rain water flows and leaks inside the building, has created another problem. A consequently, yesterday heavy rainfall has completely destroyed the erected walls and we are really worried about the security of our Shelter Family members.

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WOMEN’S FOUNDATION NEPAL proudly announce that our 5 particpated children got successfully selected for the semi final in dance competation organised by R&R rhythm entertainment named‪#‎Stage_of_school_dance‬. Thank you very much for all of your support. This would not possible without your uncondtional love and support. Your vote became their strength to be in this position. They need your support to win upcoming semi finale to reach to finale. We want our children to win the crown. Keep supporting our children.

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Honour From Nation National Woman Commission

We, WFN team are really pleased and proud to receive this great honour from Nation National Woman Commission. WFN along with other three people was awarded for their contribution in different sector. This award is very meaningful to us – not only because it recognizes our work, but especially because it adds a huge responsibility on our steps. It has further encouraged us to continue to help women and children in Nepal who are victims of violence, abuse, poverty and survivor of natural disaster.

We would like to acknowledge the incredible support we have been receiving from all those around us, sponsors, supporters, partner and all the women and children who have always remain in our heart.  

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Micro-credit Program in Bhaktapur and Kavre

WFN started training women in our micro credit program in two districts: Bhaktapur and Kavre. The women receivedagriculture training, allowing them to be more productive small farmers. There are 30 people participating in the training.  It includes animal husbandry and vegetable farming training and is taught by experts in the field. The training will last for 7 days. The participating women believe that this type of training will help them increase their household income. Small farming is a traditional way of living for women in the rural areas of Nepal, and this training will add more proficiency so that the women can make more profit.

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Success!!! Court case in favor of woman after nine months

Rupa Gupta (name changed) has been sheltering with WFN since last 9 months. She is the wife of a former Minister for Law and Justice; recently he is a Member of Parliament in Nepal, a responsible person who is drafting the law for the country.   Rupa, even though she is the wife of a high profile family and is educated herself, became a survivor of domestic violence. Her husband denies to staying together because Rupa’s parents could not able to provide a car, brand name Scorpio, on her behalf as a dowry. Finally, after much pain and struggle she went to the National Women Commission, Nepal to get legal support and fight for justice with her husband Naresh K. Gupta (name changed). National Women Commission recommended her to give shelter in our office, WFN examined the case and decided to support her in every way which we could.  It is so shameful that one man who was became Law and Justice Minister has been brought to a court for violating the rule and regulations of the country and was supposed to uphold. We kept Rupa in the shelter with her son to keep them safe so she can get her legal right. In between, her husband made various threats to us but we ignored while we kept helping her. As a result, she won her first case from the Court and able to get half of the remuneration of her husband from the Parliament of Nepal. Now she is very happy to restart her life with her 4 year’s little son. When she won the case and shared this with her little boy he was so happy and innocently said, “Mama, now we are going to celebrate my birthday with lots of gifts and chocolates”. This emotional moment was moving not only to Rupa, but for our whole team. We felt so glad that she got justice in her initial case from the court. She is going to file another one case in the court; we hope she will win that another case, too.U


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Update: Aid to 300 in Rasuwa District

Recently we visited Rasuwa District with warm blankets, warm jackets, and 15 kg of rice for each person. We distributed the emergency aid to 300 people; they were not all from the same village but had collected from nearby villages where many are still displaced and living in temporary shelters.  Because it is higher in the mountains, people in this region are dying of excessive cold and hunger. We were told that 15 people in this area have already died due to the cold. So our team did a survey to find out the truth of the situation and then distributed the emergency aid where it was most needed. 

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